Data & Resilience

Leveraging data to eliminate energy waste and improve system resilience.

An innovative approach to improve energy efficiency and system resilience — with a focus on data-driven strategies.

Rethink what's possible.


ClearRock views energy data like old-time wildcatters viewed land that might hold oil: It's an asset with potentially enormous value — and we're eager to drill to find that value.

With this in mind, ClearRock has developed advanced capabilities to analyze energy data to surface opportunities. The ultimate goal? Improving efficiency and resilience through integrated resources including dynamic building efficiency solutions, battery storage, and distributed solar.

Get the data. 

We have developed some of the country's leading data acquisition programs — and can often acquire, analyze, and visualize tens of thousands of data points, per building, in a matter of days. This work is foundational to understanding and identifying potential opportunities to improve efficiency and deploy distributed energy resources (DERs).

Find opportunities. 

With proprietary analytics and visualizations, ClearRock can turn this data into understandable and actionable projects.

Solutions that intelligently integrate data and technology deployment can provide enormous benefits — including reduced utility costs and improved resilience during weather- and cyber-related events.

It is hard to find someone as enthusiastic about energy efficiency and building data as Brooks. “We’re trying to re-imagine how you do energy efficiency,” said Brooks. Benchmarking is still in its infancy in the U.S., but some early movers, like Washington, D.C., are already looking far beyond gathering Energy Star scores. “The transparency of information is transformational,” he said.
— Greentech Media, 2014