Solar & Wind

Renewable energy that cuts costs and risk.

ClearRock helps its clients buy cheap, clean power.

Analyze the economics.

ClearRock performs deep economic analysis to determine if and how renewable energy can meet unique client needs. From forecasting energy demands and costs, to evaluating local environmental and tax credits, ClearRock ensures clients have an opportunity to save money through renewable energy.

Identify all the options.

While a plethora of options typically exist, an energy buyer's perspective is often narrowly defined -- sometimes by a single vendor or project. ClearRock fixes this. With proprietary market intelligence, we give our clients the ability to understand and assess all available opportunities.

Secure low-cost, low-risk deals.

Unmatched experience helps clients navigate the fragmented universe of solar and wind markets. ClearRock develops and executes competitive sourcing for clients -- including proposal evaluation, robust project due diligence, and contract negotiation. In the end, we make sure risks are mitigated and costs are cut.

The goal is pretty simple:
Get our clients the best deals possible — cutting energy costs and reducing future price-risk.
— Sam Brooks, ClearRock's Managing Director